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Benefits of Knowing Personality and Work Values of Employees

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As Human Resources, knowing about the personality and work values of all employees in the company is very important. If you are an HR in a company, knowing those matters by personality assessment is a must because there are several benefits in the following paragraphs. 

To hire the best employee needed by the company

The first benefit relates to the recruitment process. The company will give several requirements, and the HR division will look for the best candidate for the open position. In this case, you must know about the personality and the work value of all candidates before deciding which candidate is the best. 

Usually, HR will prepare several psychological tests for the candidates. Besides, a direct interview is also held to know face-to-face with the candidates. Then, all test results will be used as the basis to determine the accepted candidate.  

To choose the best employee for the right position

The second benefit of knowing the best personality from personality assessment and work values of employees is HR can choose the right candidate for the right position. Somehow, after an internal audit, there is found that several employees have a better passion for other divisions.

From seeing the result of the internal audit and also their work values and personalities, HR is able to transfer the employees to another division. The aim is to develop their skill and maximize their potential for the company. 

As a tool for promoting the employees

Moreover, it can be a tool for promoting the employees as well. Knowing the work value and personality of the employees is a good thing to know their hidden potential. In promoting an employee, HR must be careful. That is why they will decide to promote them after seeing the result of HR observation of the employees by seeing their personality by personality assessment and work values for the company.

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